Travel Insurance Policy

The Coverage Of A Typical Travel Insurance Policy

A typical travel insurance policy covers the main concerns of a traveler. This includes medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and travel delays. The majority of the policies are created to be comprehensive so it can protect travelers from various possible experiences along the way. Sometimes, these events can lead to financial loss before, during, or after the trip.

In this article, we will discuss the various coverage of travel insurance policies:

Travel Insurance Covers a Medical Emergency

If you get injured or sick while traveling abroad, some domestic health insurance plans will not extend any medical coverage overseas. However, medical benefits are included in the majority of the travel insurance policies like Hong Leong Insurance. This can cover you in multiple countries while you are traveling.

Remember that there are two major travel medical insurance benefits. These are the medical evacuation and emergency medical.

With Emergency Medical coverage, it can reimburse you for the costs you have incurred with is associated with medical treatment for an injury or illness during your trip. This includes coverage for ambulance services, physician services, hospital charges, and other expenses.

Meanwhile, the medical evacuation is included together with the Emergency Medical coverage. This can arrange for your transportation to the nearest hospital during a medical emergency. It can bring you home if the hospital determines that it is necessary for your current condition.

Travel Insurance Can Cover a Canceled Trip

For the majority of travelers, their number one reason why they buy travel insurance is for financial protection. This is true in the case that they cannot take their trip. With the Trip Cancellation coverage of the plan, you can have a chance to protect your whole prepaid and non-refundable trip expenses.

There are best travel insurance policies that can refund 100% of your trip expenses before leaving with a valid reason covered by your policy. Some of the most common reasons are because of sudden illness, injury, or death of you or by members of the family. Sometimes it can be because of severe weather preventing you from reaching your destination. Or perhaps there is a terrorist attack at your destination.

For you to purchase a policy with the option of trip cancellation coverage, you have to ensure some or all of your trip expenses. Furthermore, the trip cancellation policy of Hong Leon Insurance also comes with a similar benefit that is the Trip Interruption.

With Trip Interruption, it can reimburse you with your unused trip expenses. But the coverage will start from the day you leave for your trip. There are many travel insurance policies with Trip Interruption inclusion that covers the costs of additional transportation incurred. This is true if you wish to return to your home early.

Indeed, Trip Cancellation can cover the common concerns of travelers but remember that it does not cover everything. If you think that the Trip Cancellation option does not have enough coverage for your needs, then you can upgrade for Cancel For Any Reason option. This coverage offers a 75% refund for your expenses. This is true if you cancel your trip under the Trip Cancellation options provided by the travel insurance company.

But this will require you to ensure your full trip costs. Moreover, it is only available around 14 to 30 days after booking your trip. Finally, the Cancel for Any Reason option will increase your premium by around 40%.

Travel Insurance Can Cover a Delayed or Lost Luggage

The travel insurance for your items can include damaged items, lost items, or delayed luggage. If your luggage is delayed, you can have a chance to get refunded up to the policy’s benefit limit which can allow you to purchase clothes plus other essentials after 12 to 24 hours. This type of benefit will not refund the cost of the actual items that are delayed. However, if your luggage is damaged or permanently lost, you can have a chance to be reimbursed to have the lost items replaced.

Travel Insurance Can Cover a Travel Delay

Indeed, travel insurance covers more than medical emergencies and cancellations. This can also help you in cases where your flight is delayed or you miss your connecting flight.

The Travel Delay option is available to help you in case your flight is delayed for reasons beyond your control. Examples are a mechanical breakdown of your plane or inclement weather. Travel insurance policies can refund your hotel accommodations or meals during your delay.

Meanwhile, the Missed Connection option is for travelers who are delayed and have incurred additional costs just to catch up on their trip. This one can help you in cases where you missed your departure for a reason which is covered by your policy. Examples would be meeting an accident along the way to the airport, mechanical breakdown of the plane, and a severe weather condition.

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