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What to Look Out for When Finding the Best Maid Insurance

Hey guys, if you are looking for the best insurance for your maid, then you are at the right destination for it. Looking at the current state of the world, medical uncertainty can arise at any point in time. This is because of the global pandemic have gotten worse, and you must take care of it. You would be aware of the fact that in Singapore, taking insurance for your maid is mandatory. There is no way out of this compulsion which is on your head all the time. You can check out different insurances and plans for your maid. You can choose from a wide range of insurances for your maid. This states that there are many insurance plans which can be selected.

This job is not at all easy because there are some considering points which are not avoidable. You cannot just hire any maid without knowing and also taking insurance. The insurance plan you are were intending to get should be selected after considering some important factors. To be more precise, there are some consideration factors of these maid insurances, which is to be given importance. These factors will make your decision easier by guiding for getting the best maid insurance. In the market, you can get many maid instances. You are supposed to select the insurance according to the maid and factors to consider. Therefore, in this article, we will take a deeper look at can you select maid insurance by looking out some factors.

Factors to Consider are as Follows

Nationality and Coverage

  • You should not hire a maid for your house whose nationality is not known to you. This is because as a hiring individual, you must know from where your maid is. It will make sure that there is no harm to you, your house or your family. In this case, it is very important to check the nationality before getting any maid to your house. You need to get the input on their nationality to be confident before hiring them. In addition to that, the best insurance plan can be selected by checking the options available for foreigners and inmates. This is because the Insurance plans for maids in Singapore is largely dissected into two.
  • First, one of them is for the inmates, which means the citizens of Singapore. On the other hand, the other one is for foreigners who are not citizens of Singapore. You are supposed to get the insurance for your maid as per their nationality. The insurance companies need to get clarity about the nationality of your made before suggesting any insurance plan. In this case, nationality will play a user role in deciding the Coverage of insurance. The extent of the expense to be covered will also be dependent on nationality, which is to be disclosed. Therefore, you should consider this factor before taking any insurance for your maid in Singapore.

Customisable Add-ons on Insurance Plan

  • Suppose you are not aware of the fact that Coverage is predetermined by the insurance company. This means you are not supposed to edit the Coverage on your own. Many customisable add-ons which can be added to the Coverage which is provided to you by the insurance company. This doesn’t mean that you are making changes in the Coverage provided by the Insurance company. You are just adding the certain add-ons which will benefit you and the receiver. You can add certain add ons on the Coverage of the insurance on your own. This will make sure that Coverage is not biased and you can handle the things on your own too.
  • There are different types of add ons which should be known to use before opting for insurance for your maid. This is because, at the time of insurance, the add-ons can be applied to the Coverage. First of all, you can add a facility where you can take the necessary actions on the Coverage if the maid violates the terms and conditions of insurance. This add-on is known as the Waiver of Indemnity, which will make sure that the terms are followed by the maid, and there is no overstepping. In addition to that, Performance Bond is also a major add-on which is applicable for the Philippines and Indonesian maid. This will provide the standard employment stands to the maid at any point in time.

The Monthly Payment

  • If you are not aware of the fact that fixed money is to be paid at monthly intervals, then this one’s for you. This means you have to pay a fixed amount of money to the insurance company every month. You are not supposed to skip the payment of this fixed money at any point in time. Here, you must know that there are different tiers and options which are to be selected while deciding the best critical illness insurance singaporeLet’s take a look at three major tiers which are to be known to you before taking an Insurance for Maid.
  • Mid-tier is the most important and valuable tier of maid insurance. The mid-tier will cover all the expenses for the maid in case of any uncertainty. You are not supposed to pay a high amount of premium or monthly payment for it. This will cost around $260 for 26 months. The monthly payment is $12/30, which is cheap. The other one is the Top tier which is for highly premium insurances. The total cost is around $360 and a monthly payment of $14/40 per month. The last one is the lower or basic tier where the monthly payment is just $10, and the total cost is around $260 dollars. You have the freedom to select the term on your own to get the insurance for your maid.

These are some points of considerations you must lookout to get the best maid insurance. We hope that this article will provide you with the necessary information needed.

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