What You Should Know About a Licensed Money Lender

You may not know who the licensed money lender is. Unlike commercial banks, licensed moneylenders offer to loan out of their capital at a rate written by the Money Lenders Act 1951. Let us give you some basic information about licensed money lenders, money lenders under the Act are only entitled to charge simple interest […]


Pros and cons of travel insurance

Many a time and often it has been witnessed that risk surrounds every corner of a man’s life while traveling aboard. Most prominently the factors of risk issues arise while traveling abroad or towards foreign countries. Any person who has inculcated a habit for traveling will surely cope up with all such risks. These risks […]

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Who Should You Turn To When You Are In Need Of A Payday Loans Singapore

Running a company is not easy at all. There are times that you must take the hard decision, and the right calls are usually not the easy one. One of the toughest decisions that a company owner must take is when he or she solves the company’s financial problem. Paying the services of the employees […]

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Think Twice Before Taking Out A Payday Loan Singapore

Everyone’s financial condition are always changing. You can’t expect to live your life or run a company without any financial problems. Even though there are many ways that you can try in order to get some financial support, you may want to choose the best one at the right time. One of the most reliable […]